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Konsult App

About Konsult App

Konsult App is mobile based platform which allows patients and their doctors to connect with each other. Patients can receive consultations on call and also chat with their doctors. The patients are also able to share their medical records with the doctors and similarly the doctors can share their opinion with the users. We provide patients a complete health solution and let them choose from hundreds of highly trustworthy doctors on our panel, as well as give them the ability to manage their medical documentation. The platform is especially useful for out-station patients and patients visiting from abroad. We provide end to end services to both domestic and international patients from the pre-treatment stage to the post-consultation follow up care.

What We Do?

We believe in creating a healthcare ecosystem which envisions care for all - whenever they need it or whenever they want it. We believe in building a product which solves a real problem and building a company which is ambitious, sustainable, and fun.

How Does It Works?

Choose Your Doctor

Konsult lets you search the doctor by name, speciality or medical symptoms. Choose from thousands of available doctors.

Immediate Consultation

With konsult, you don’t need any prior appointment. If your doctor is online, you can avail tele-consultation immediately.

Share Medical Reports

Inbuilt chat feature which allows you to share medical records seamlessly with your doctor. Its completely secure and private.

Save Time & Money

No need to travel to the hospital or to wait in queues. Tele-Consultation charges would mostly be far below the OPD charges.

Seamless Payment

Secure integration with leading wallets like Paytm. All the transactions are completely secure and automated.

Regular Health Tips

Get regular health tips and opinions on your mobile by medical experts from all across the country.

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